Photo Credits: Daniela + Tonatiuh


digital archives

    How might the digital medium change the way we archive and experience archives? Chronogram was a collaboration between Vacheron Constantin, the DH Lab (EPFL) and EPFL+ECAL Lab to explore this question with the luxury brand's 260 years of paper archives.
    The result of the research is a Virtual Reality experience enabling visitors to explore the history of communications made by the brand. The experience was designed to engage the contents with the public to understand the evolution of the brand.

During the second part of the project we identified that visitors wanted to interact with those in VR, or the attention of the visitors were more focused on the VR Mask design rather than what the experience was displayed for. Thus, we decided to create an external tablet application that followed where the VR users were in the Digital Archive, and what they were reading. During the development of this concept, we decided that we should enable the tablet users to be able to navigate the archives themselves to allow them to have conversations about the contents of the archive with the VR user. Through our final installation at the Vacheron Constantin boutique, we noticed the significant change in behaviour and interaction with this installation.

Vacheron Constantin
EPFL Digital Humanities Lab

Design and Engineering Team   Marius Aeberli + Delphine Ribes + Yves Kalberer + David Roulin + Nicolas Henchoz

Duration   2 years 3 months

Date   Nov. 2014 - Feb. 2017


  Yuki is an Innovation Designer and Technologist working on creating products and experiences that create positive futures. He is a Design Researcher at the EPFL+ECAL Lab, where he is working on Digital Innovation to bring emerging technologies from the research labs at EPFL to people who need it. Yuki is a graduate from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, holding an MA and MSc in Innovation Design and Engineering and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently pursing a Masters of Advanced Studies at EPFL and ECAL in Design Research in Digital Innovation. He is passionate about using Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to create positive impact. Since his childhood he was inspired by technology and design. He is also interested in start-ups and getting new ideas to market. He is a Design London Fellow, which allowed him to attend Executive MBA lectures at Imperial Business School and to work on projects along side MBA students. With the Lines team he was fortunate to attend the European Innovation Academy and the Intel Make it Wearable Challenge to learn about patents, marketing, business and design.