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Superform: A Growth of a Structure

     What if we could grow a chair? Raw materials are drilled out of the earth and used up at an ever increasing rate. How will humans manufacture in the future with scarce resource or a life on a different planet?


Inspired by the natural process of crystal growth, supersaturation and supercooling, the possibilities of growing a chair was explored. The Supersaturation Chair was designed through an iterative experimental approach of understanding the chemical and physical characteristics of crystals and material properties which best aid its growth. A sheet of fabric was left submerged within a supersaturated solution of copper sulphate to initiate the crystallisation process.


Project Info

Project for at IDE Royal College of Art

Location - London, UK

Project Type - Self Initiated

Designer - Yuki Machida



Various - Copper Sulphate/Branches/Fabric


Year: 2012 | Duration: 4 weeks


Thanks to:

Jessica Hymas for the book on crystal growth!


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