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Future of Transport

     What will the future of Transport be like in 2025? The PLAY Nissan concept imagined the future cities to have car free zones.


We considered the future scenarios and one that struck us was the urban sprawl. Cities are increasing in population and with that brings more cars and demand for its space to park and travel through.


Throughout the week of AcrossRCA we discussed possible futures and the way people live. Today roads between buildings are mainly considered as use for transportation. Not just for vehicular transportation but also sidewalks, that are used to get from point A to point B. There are however, roads that are blocked once a week, to open markets (like the one down by South Kensington Station). These roads allow for a new dimension of interaction between people, especially those within the community. We see children running around after school and friends meeting up.


PLAY Nissan reconsiders the use of roads as places for children and communities to thrive and make new connections. The play pod is a Pod system provided by Nissan to allow communities to play with old cars produced in the early 2020s that are no longer used by people in the year 2025. The pod allows children to connect with the Nissan brand, and allows for creativity in creating their own vehicles and worlds from disused parts. Parents can use it to create modular low velocity vehicles to go shopping and return it when they're done. People get mainly get around using Nissan Move, which autonomously roams around the neighbourhood picking people up on demand and is optimized to get people to their end destiny by communicating between each other. When they need to travel longer distances, they will take the shuttle to the closest car park by hopping onto the Nissan Move.





Project Info

"Across RCA" Project with Sustain RCA

Location - London, UK

Project Partner - Nissan

Designers - Jessica Hymas (Textiles), Yuki Machida (IDE), Ji Won Yun (Vehcile Design), Yoon Seon Choi (Interior Design),  Mohammed Jaffar-Ali (Design Interactions), Sophia (Sculpture)


Year: 2012 | Duration: 1week



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PlayPod - Future Transport/Cities

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