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Amphibious Prosthesis

     Murr-ma is an amphibious below knee prosthesis designed not only for running along the beach and swimming in the ocean, but also for an easy and fast transition between the two. The organic shape was inspired by the dorsal fin of the sale fish, the fastest fish in the world. It is designed to last in harsh environments of the sea which standard prosthesis fail to survive through and provide thrust whilst swimming. A split toe and flat foot design provides for enhanced stability.

Project Info

Project for "GoGlobal" IDE Royal College of Art

Location - Sydney, Australia

Project Type - Rio Tinto

Designers - Thomas Essl, Julia Johnson, Damian Rocca, Yuki Machida



Prototype no.1 -  3D printed)

Prototype no.2 - Carbon Fibre | Polyurethane


Year: 2013 | Duration: 4 weeks


Project in progress.

Please contact for info, collaboration or comments/suggestions.

More at www.murr-ma.com


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