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Revolutionising the London Lifestyle

     Kumo Homes is  a service for connecting owners of empty spaces with graduates looking for affordable living in London. Modular-personalised building-blocks transform the unused space into live-able homes, without the need of permanent structural changes to the building. The transformed space promotes collaborative living to enable a unique lifestyle that is beneficial for all.


Kumo Homes is an online platform which allows graduates to find affordable living in London. The graduates can join a community of like minded group to create their own space within a disused property. Depending on how much they are willing to spend, they are able to flexibly modify the size of their "room" and morph it to use the space in a more communal way depending on the time of day. All bathroom utilities are provided through modular services that are currently available. The modular wall panels are integrated with lighting and some with heating.


We partner with owners of warehouses and disused spaces to provide them with an opportunity to temporarily convert their space into habitable buildings. Without our service this is difficult for them because there are no utilities in industrial buildings for living in. After inspecting the building, and having confirmed the bookings, we are able to transport the modular blocks for the graduates to build on arrival.


The online platform also aims at kick starting and provide a boost for the graduate's careers by creating collaborative knowledge sharing. The platform also allows for enhanced money saving by simplifying collaborative consumption and creating a sharing ecosystem for a community of trusted Kumo Citizens.

Project Info

Project at IDE Royal College of Art

Location - London, UK

Project Type - Self Initiated

Designers - Yuki Machida, Julian Melchiorri, Peter Spence, Ashley Wiltshire


Year: 2013 | Duration: 2months



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